Breakfast with Santa

 Our Breakfast with Santa was a huge success today. The parish hall was filled most of the morning with lots of kids and adults. Every table was filled more than once.

Thank you to the following people for making this a terrific day.
Santa- Jim Redd and his helper, Joanne.
John Caulfield- parish photographer.
Joe Vogliardo, leader in the kitchen.
Support staff- Jeff Krantz, Tom Whitehead, Ricky Whitehead, Mark Mason, Mike Barkoski, Allan Kowal, Joe Tarranova, Lloyd Asikainen, Tom Fowler, Sam Miggliazzo, David Didde, Craig Smith, Matt Textor, Frank Costanza.

Liz Hagen and Suzy Meinzenbach supported us with 7th and 8th grade volunteers.

Take a look at the 3 pictures sent but also be prepared to see many photos from John Caulfield later this week.