2016 Parish Free Throw Contest

Congratulations to this years winners of the annual Knights of Columbus Parish Free Throw Competition. Each age division winner received a regulation basketball,compliments of the Knights of Columbus. Each age division winner will be invited to the district competition which is scheduled for Sunday February 7th, 1 pm at Cure of Ars Church. Please contact Tom Fowler at redlinetom@aol.com if you have any questions.

Parish Winners
 Boys 9 year old Michael Bernart
 Girls 9 year old Laran Murphy
 Boys 10 year old Patrick Adriano
 Girls  10 year old Sumner Dowdy
 Boys 11 year old Ryan Wilkerson
 Girls  11 year old Sarah Schloegel
 Boys 12 year old Jack Miceli
 Girls 12 year old Mary Elizabeth Crossland
 Boys 13 year old Jackson Dahir
 Boys 14 year old Jack Stanley