Sunday, January 29, 2017

2017 Parish Free Throw Contest

Congratulations to this years winners of the annual Knights of Columbus Parish Free Throw Competition. Each age division winner received a regulation basketball, compliments of the Knights of Columbus. Each age division winner will be invited to the district competition which is scheduled for Sunday February 12th, 1 pm at St Micheal's Church. Please contact Tom Fowler at if you have any questions. Photos available at

Parish Winners
 Boys 9 year old Nathan Wilkerson
 Girls 9 year old Rosie Oades
 Boys 10 year old Patrick Adriano
 Girls  10 year old Ava Sheedy
 Boys 11 year old Patrick Adriano
 Girls  11 year old Lacey Hunter
 Boys 12 year old Ryan Wilkerson
 Girls 12 year old Paige Hunter
 Boys 13 year old         Thomas D'Arcy
 Girls 13 year old Anna Sheedy
 Boys 14 year old Michael D'Arcy

Sunday, January 8, 2017

2016 Seminarian Support

The Knights are proud to support the following Seminarians and Brothers and Sisters in formation.

NAMEAffiliationStatus of FormationLocationGrantComments
Spencer LorenzArch LATheology IVST Pats in Menlo$500 Former Parishioner
Justin Hamilton *Arch KCTheology IVMundelein$500 st Joseph Topeka
Ben Rodgers*Arch KCCollege IVConception$500 MPH, Topeka
Sebastion Scholl*Arch KCCollege IICardinal Glennon $1,000 
Dean Wheeler*Arch KCCollege IvCardinal Glennon$1,000 Grandparents in Nativity
Joe Heschmeyer *Arch KCTheology IIINAC ROME$1,000 Nativity parishioner
Carter Zielinski *Arch KCTheology IIINAC ROME$1,000 Nativity parishioner
Cruz Gallegos *Arch KCCollegeIIIConception$1,000 Cousin to Ken Lopez
Viet Nguyen*Arch KCTheology IIIMundelein$1,000 Cure of ARS
Michael Schreck *Arch KCCollegeIVConception$1,000 Nativity Parishioner
Ryan Dennihan (Br.John)Bethlehem Monks(?)Novicemonastery Assumption$500 Nativity Parishioner
Br. Luke TurnerOSBAtchison BenedictineTheology IST. Meinrads$500 monk of Abbey
Travis Mecum*Arch KCTheology IJohn XXIII National Sem$1,000 
Joel Haug AVI *Apostle of Interior Life (AVI)Theology IIKenrick$1,000 Overland park, Ks
Anne Marie laville*IHM Whichita (Sr. M Therese)NoviceIHM Convent$500 
ANN Marie Whitehead *Servadoras (Sr. Sacrifice)First vowsJumiorette House $500 Nativity Parishioner
James HalpinAVICandidateDonnely$500 
Zachary HarrisAVICandidateDonnely$500 
Zachary WatsonAVICandidateDonnely$500 
Helena SchnakeLittle Sisters of LambPostulantLittle Sisters Conv ent$500 Niece Of Brett Schnacke
* indicates supported in 2015
Total Budget $14000KC Supreme gives 20% rebate Rebate $2800$14,000